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Meeting Report

Bilateral Meeting on the WEPA Action Program in Cambodia

Date 11 December 2019
Venue Hotel Palace Gate, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Participants WEPA Advisory Board Member, Ministry of the Environment, Japan, Ministry of Environment, Cambodia, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Tonle Sap Authority (TSA), Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT)
Organizers Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOE)
Ministry of Environment, Cambodia (MOEC)
Language English-Khmer simultaneous interpretation
Chairperson Chea Sina, Acting Director General of Environmental Protection, MOEC

The Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia co-organized the Bilateral Meeting on the WEPA Action Program in Cambodia on 11 December 2019, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The WEPA Action Program aims to tackle specific problems to conserve the water environment in WEPA partner countries and has been conducted since 2014. In the meeting, the experiences of both Japan and Cambodia on water environment management were shared and further proposals on the action program were discussed.

Agenda of the Meeting and Presentations Download
Opening Session
Welcome Speech

Tsubasa Hashimoto, Deputy Director, Water Environment Division, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)

Welcome Speech and Opening Remarks

Chea Sina, Acting Director General, Environmental Protection, Ministry of Environment, Cambodia (MOEC)

Brief introduction of WEPA and purpose of consultation meeting

Noriaki Murase, WEPA Secretariat

Session 1: Japanese Experience on Pollution Load Investigation and Pollution Control System for Conservation of Water Quality
Lake Water Quality Conservation Measures of Japan

Tsubasa Hashimoto, MOEJ

Lessons from pollution load investigations in water bodies of Japan

Koichi Fujie, WEPA Advisory Board Member

Initiatives for water environment conservation in lakes of Japan: Case of Lake Biwa

Bijon Kumer Mitra, WEPA Secretariat

Session 2: Environmental Management of Tonle Sap Great Lake and Propose WEPA Action Program in Cambodia
Water Quality and Environmental Management in Tonle Sap Lake

Khov Visong, Tonle Sap Authority (TSA)

Temporal Variation of Sediment and Nutrients (Nitrate and Phosphorus) Dynamics in the Mekong/Tonle Sap River in Cambodia

Oeurng Chantha, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

Urban Sewarage System in Cambodia

Lun Hang, Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT)

Proposal for WEPA action program in Cambodia

Him Chandath, MOEC

Closing Session

Noriaki Murase, WEPA Secretariat

Closing Remarks

Phin Rady, Director, Water Quality Management Department, MOEC

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