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Viet Nam

  1. LGIS-VINA Wastewater Treatment Facility
  2. Wastewater Treatment Facility at the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
  3. Huong Sen Beer Factory Wastewater Treatment Facility
  4. Moc Chau milk company wastewater treatment facility
  5. Water treatment facility for VMC joint venture Enterprise
  6. Son La Tuberculosis Hospital Wastewater Treatment Facility
  7. Wastewater Treatment Facility in Thang Long Industrial Zone
  8. Kim Lien Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plant
  9. Luong Yen Slaughter-house Wastewater Treatment Facility
  10. Truc Bach Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plant
  11. Wastewater Treatment Facility in Tuyen Quang General and Tuberculosis Hospitals
  12. Wastewater treatment facility in Phuong Dong limited liability company
  13. Chau A food industrial company
  14. Quang Ninh Seaproducts Export Co.
  15. Phuoc Co Seafood Processing Enterprise
  16. Song Tien Trading Company Limited
  17. Vinh Hoan Co., Ltd.
  18. Wastewater treatment plant for 4 seafood processing enterprises
  19. An Giang Fisheries Processing Joint Stock Company
  20. FAQUIMEX Ben Tre