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The 2nd International WEPA Forum
International Forum on Water Environmental Governance in Asia

The 2nd International WEPA Forum was an open event held on 3-4 December 2007 in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan as part of the 1st Asia Pacific Water Summit. There were 42 presentations related to the forum topics presented by invited speakers and speakers selected based on submitted papers.
Through presentations and discussions, participants came to the mutual understanding that there is a need for an improvement of water environmental governance in this region. The participants also recognised that the sharing of knowledge and the establishment of relevant stakeholder networks can be a driving force that promote good environmental governance, and they reaffirmed that WEPA will provide opportunities to share information. The summary of the forum was submitted to the 1st Asia- Pacific Water Summit.

 Summary of the 2nd International WEPA Forum (PDF 664KB)

For details of the 1st Asia- Pacific Water Summit

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3-4 December 2007 (Monday and Tuesday for two days)
Day One: 9:30-18:00, Day Two: 9:15-16:00

Oita New Life plaza, Beppu, Oita, Japan

Ministry of the Environment Japan

Supporting Organisations: Oita Prefecture, Beppu City, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



Monday, 3 December 2007
9:00 Registration
Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Kensuke Fukushi, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo
  Opening Remarks
Mr. Junichi Shiraishi,
Director General for Water Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Welcome Remarks
Mr. Yoshiyuki Nakano,
Director, Living and Environmental Department, Beppu City
Briefing on the Purposes of the Forum
Dr. Mitsumasa Okada
Professor, Hiroshima University
  “Development of Sustainable Sanitation System: How can We Contribute to Achieving Millennium Development Goals?
Dr. Naoyuki Funamizu
Professor, Hokkaido University
PDF Presentation(3.8MB)
10:45 BREAK
[Room A] [Room B]
11:00 -  
Session 1: Strategic Management of Water Resources
Chair: Mitsumasa Okada
  Hirokazu Iwasaki
Session 2: Pollution Control Case Studies

Chair: So Kazama
  Tetsuo Kuyama
11:00 Extended Field Trial of Household Iron Removal Plants to Remove Arsenic From Groundwater

Thai Ha Le (Viet Nam)
PDF Presentation(276KB)
PDF Paper(220KB)
Agricultural Methods of Alleviating Sediment Runoff in the Case of Red-Soil Erosion and Runoff Problem in Okinawa
11:30 Groundwater Quality Management in Japan

Akiko Nishimae (Japan)
PDF Presentation(784KB)
PDF Paper(182KB)
Sustainability in the Water Polluting Plating Industry
Wang Chengwen (China)
PDF Presentation(681KB)
PDF Paper(147KB)
12:00 Water Resources Management in the Philippines

Vilma T.Cabading (Philippines)
PDF Presentation(410KB)
PDF Paper(113KB)
Emerging Public and Corporate Roles in Addressing Water Pollution in China
Rebecca Nelson (China)
PDF Presentation(273KB)
PDF Paper(142KB)
12:30 Overview of Water Environmental Pollution in Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Hue (Viet Nam)
PDF Presentation(2.9MB)
PDF Paper(184KB)
Contaminant Removal Mechanism in Wastewater Treatment Concept, Application and Utilities
Shubha Sudheendra (Singapore)
PDF Presentation(752KB)
PDF Paper(185KB)
13:00 LUNCH BREAK (13:00 - 14:30)
  [Room A] [Room B]
14:30 -  
Session 3:Water Resource Management Policy

Chair: Masahisa Nakamura
  Naoyuki Funamizu
Session 4: Wastewater Treatment Processes for Asian Countries
Chair: Katsuki Kimura
  Kensuke Fukushi
14:30 The Effect of On-Site Inspection and Effluent Examination in Fukuoka Prefecture
Namiko Honda (Japan)
PDF Presentation(705KB)
PDF Paper(134KB)
Upflow Constructed Wetland for On-Site Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Kazuaki Yamagiwa (Japan)
PDF Paper(196KB)
15:00 Policy and Implementation on Water Environment in Thailand

Wijarn Simachaya (Thailand)
PDF Presentation(954KB)
PDF Paper(121KB)
Low Cost Community Based Treatment Unit for Floating Food Vendors and Slum Community in Thailand
Sandhya Babel (Thailand)
PDF Presentation(517KB)
PDF Paper(190KB)
15:30 Domestic Wastewater Services and Facilities in Indonesia: Policy and Regulation Role

Dwina Roosmini (Indonesia)
PDF Presentation(126KB)
PDF Paper(184KB)
Small-Scale Domestic Wastewater Treatment Technology in Japan, and the Possibility of Technology Transfer
Motoyuki Mizuochi (Japan)
PDF Presentation(1.1MB)
PDF Paper(482KB)
16:00 Water Environment Protection Legislation and Policies in China
Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) for Wastewater Reuse
Takao Murakami (Japan)
PDF Presentation(1.4MB)
PDF Paper(252KB)
16:30 -  
Session 5: Regional Water Environmental Management
Chair: Salmah Zakaria
  Kyoko Matsumoto
Session 6: Review of Water Management System

Chair: Carlos Pascual
  Tsuyoshi Imai
16:30 Current State of Water Environment in Malaysia

Ahmad Rizal Khalit (Malaysia)
PDF Presentation(578KB)
PDF Paper(96KB)
Status of Improvement of Water and Sanitation Facilities in Metro Manila
Maria Rebecca A. Campos (Philippines)
PDF Presentation(313KB)
PDF Paper(123KB)
17:00 Korean Water Quality Standards for the Protection of Human Health and Aquatic Life
Youn-Joo An (Republic of Korea)
PDF Presentation(920KB)
PDF Paper(320KB)
Local Trade of Water Rights in Pre-Modern Japanese Irrigation System
Mikiko Sugiura (Japan)
PDF Presentation(1.0MB)
PDF Paper(265KB)
17:30 Water Environmental Management in Cambodia

Phet Pichhara (Cambodia)
PDF Presentation(475KB)
PDF Paper(154KB)
Development of Klongs (Canals) and History of Sewage Works in Bangkok
Chanchai Vitoonpanyakij (Thailand)
PDF Presentation(637KB)
PDF Paper(502KB)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007, Day 2
9:00 Registration
  [Room A] [Room B]
9:15 -  
Session 7: Water Environmental Management Policy and Tools
Chair: Yatsuka Kataoka
  Jinlong Guo
Session 8:Community Activities I
Chair: Futaba Kazama
  Tomohide Watanabe
9:15 Water Environmental Governance in Asia-Pacific: Understanding the Policy Implications and Lessons of the Global Environmental Governance Process
A Method of Water Quality Monitoring and Effective Use of the Results

Takayuki Tsuge (Japan)
PDF Presentation(1.5MB)
PDF Paper(181KB)
9:45 A Fundamental Study on Reinterpretation of Wisdom through Project Risk Management for Water Environment Partnership in Asia
Tsunemi Watanabe (Japan)
PDF Presentation(1.1MB)
PDF Paper(168KB)
Watershed Services Agreements: An Analysis of Benefits towards a Pro-Poor Reward Mechanism in Bakun, Philippines
Grace B. Villamor (Philippines)
PDF Presentation(1.9MB)
PDF Paper(151KB)
10:15 Approaches toward Better Lake Water Environment in Japan with reference to the Concept of Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM)
Motomu Uchimura (Japan)
PDF Presentation(1.4MB)
PDF Paper(87KB)
With Our Own Hands: Promoting Ecological Sanitation in Mindanao

Cora Z. Sayre (Philippines)
PDF Paper(96KB)
10:45 Water Management Pollution Policy in Indonesia

Tejalaksana Aksa (Indonesia)
PDF Presentation(518KB)
PDF Paper(134KB)
Public-Private and Community Participation in Water Resource Management :The Missing Dimension-The Power of Three
Esera Tupepepa (Japan)
PDF Presentation(199KB)
PDF Paper(147KB)
11:15 -  
Session 9:Mekong Watershed Management
Chair: Mitsuharu Tokunaga
  Kensuke Fukushi
Session 10:Community Activities II
Chair: Sandhya Babel
  Akiko Nishimae
11:15 Water Environmental Governance in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

Le Anh Tuan (Vietnam)
PDF Presentation(1.3MB)
PDF Paper(325KB)
Collaboration Effort to Maintain the Water Resources Degradation at Batu Municipality, East Java, Indonesia
Prayogo Tri Budi (Indoensia)
PDF Presentation(267KB)
PDF Paper(126KB)
11:45 Relevance of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) for Watershed Management in Northern Laos
Phonexay Sengsoulychanh (Lao PDR)
PDF Presentation(2.2MB)
PDF Paper(359KB)
Community Activities Contribution to Water Environment Conservation of Inle Lake

Mu Mu Than (Myanmar)
PDF Presentation(777KB)
PDF Paper(111KB)
12:15 Healthy Schools in Rural Areas of the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam
Lukas Parker (Vietnam)
PDF Presentation(706KB)
PDF Paper(136KB)
Citizens' Activities toward Restoration of Lake Biwa
Junko Kusakabe (Japan)
PDF Presentation(546KB)
PDF Paper(355KB)
12:45 LUNCH BREAK(12:45 - 14:15)
  [Room A] [Room B]
14:15 -  
Session 11:Watershed Management Case Studies
Chair: Tsuyoshi Imai
  So Kazama
Session 12: Sanitation

Chair: Hiroyuki Katayama
  Katsuki Kimura
14:15 The Water Quality Mesurement through PROKASIH Program as Water Environment Management Policy in Citarum River, West Java Province, Indonesia
Winia Farida (Indonesia)
PDF Presentation(367KB)
PDF Paper(285KB)
Water and Risk Society: Water Management and Historical Understanding of Water in Japan

Mika M.Merviö (Japan)
PDF Presentation(342KB)
PDF Paper(113KB)
14:45 Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in Malaysia: Some Issues and Challenges
Tan Kok Weng (Malaysia)
PDF Presentation(948KB)
PDF Paper(462KB)
People-Centered Approaches in Sustaining Water, Food, and Environmental Sanitation in the Philippines: A Review
Carlos M. Pascual (Philippines)
PDF Presentation(1.7MB)
PDF Paper(297KB)
15:15 Evaluation on the Policies for Water Environmental Protection in Huai River Basin in China
Urban Wastewater and Sanitation in Vientiane, Lao PDR
Phengkhamla Phonvisai (Lao PDR)
PDF Presentation(417KB)
PDF Paper(206KB)
  Closing Remarks
Dr. Mitsumasa Okada, Professor, Hiroshima University
Dr .Kensuke Fukushi, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo