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Climate Change and the Water Environment

Adaptation to climate change in water environment sector is a focus topic of the second phase of WEPA started in April 2009. Water quality and aquatic ecosystem will be affected by climate change. There is however not enough scientific knowledge on this issue. Considering this fact, WEPA promotes information sharing on the latest knowledge and policy responses which helps the WEPA partner countries to consider adaptation strategies.

Climate Change and Water Environment in General

  • Discussions in the WEPA platform
    Presentations and papers related to this topic presented in the WEPA meetings
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Country Information

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Survey Results and Reports

  • Questionnaire Survey 2010
    To gain information in these areas, WEPA has conducted the questionnaire survey in 2010. The survey items are shown below. The result will serve as a reference for future WEPA discussions.
    1) Estimation of future impact
    2) Identification of observed impact
    3) Identification of adaptation options and their outcomes.
    Questionnaire Survey Report PDF(PDF: 766KB)
  • The First WEPA International Workshop (March 2010)
    The related information can be found from the result of the 1st WEPA International Workshop (March 2010)
  • WEPA Outlook on Water Environmental Management Asia 2012
    Chapter 2-2 of the outlook summarizes the discussion and the study conducted under WEPA in JFY2009-2011.