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Last update:2013-4-10

WEPA Outlook on Water Environmental Management 2012

Date: March 2012 (Japanese version (March 2013))
Language: English,Japanese
Author: WEPA Secretariat (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Copyright: Ministry of the Environment, Japan
ISBN: 978-4-88788-108-2

The WEPA Outlook is the flagship publication of WEPA which includes basic information on the water environment and its management in each WEPA partner country. The Outlook is in principle published every three year in the occasion of World Water Forum. The WEPA Outlook 2012, the second edition of the outlook series, was launched at the WEPA side event at the 6th World Water Forum held in March 2012.

The Outlook consists of three main chapters. Chapter 1 presents the result of the analysis of institutional frameworks for water environmental management in each country. Chapter 2 summarizes the discussion and studies conducted on the priority discussion topics of "domestic wastewater treatment" and "climate change and the water environment." Chapter 3 provided updated country information on water environmental management in the WEPA partner countries. In addition, the Outlook presents "Message from WEPA: Water Quality Challenges in Asia for a Sustainable Future", which introduces the key actions identified and future commitments made in discussions at WEPA annual meetings, dialogues, and workshops.

Table of Contents
Background to the publication
Message from WEPA: Water Quality Challenges in Asia for a Sustainable Future
Chapter 1. Outlook on Water Environmental Management in WEPA Countries
Chapter 2. Discussion and Findings on Priority Topics
2.1 Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Asia
2.2 Climate Change and the Water Environment Summary of findings based on WEPA discussion and survey
Chapter 3. Country Profiles of Water Environmental Management in Asia