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Climate Change and Water Environment

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Presentations and papers related to this topic presented in the WEPA meetings


IPCC Climate Change and Water (IPCC Technical Paper VI, June 2008) PDF 1.56MB
UNESCO-WWAP Chapter 5 Climate Change and Possible Futures in World Water Development Report 3 "Water in a Changing World" (2009) PDF 41.61MB
FAO Climate Change for Fisheries and Aquaculture (Technical Background Document from the Expert Consultation Held on 7 -9 April 2008, FAO, Rome) PDF 158.04KB
GEF/UNEP Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation - The Water Sector - (by Elliott, M. et al. 2011) PDF 2.92MB
APN Regional Collaborative Research on Climate Change Impacts on Surface Water Quality in Eastern Monsoon Asia: Towards Sound Management of Climate Risks [Final report for APN Project: ARCP2008-04CMY-PARK] (by Park et al. 2008) PDF 1.25MB
UNFCCC Water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies. Technical Paper. (FCCC/TP/2011/5) (2011) PDF 273.47KB
UNESCO-IHP The Impact of Global Change on Water Resources: The Response of UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme PDF 1.30MB
UNEP/WSSCC/WHO Water Pollution Control - A Guide to the Use of Water Quality Management Principles PDF 3.99MB
WHO WHO Summary and Policy Implication. VISION 2030 - The Resilience of Water Supply and Sanitation in the Face of Climate Change (2009) PDF 6.53MB
World Bank Water Papers: Climate Variability and Change: A Basin Scale Indicator Approach to Understanding the Risk to Water Resources Development and Management (Strzepek, K. et al. 2011) PDF 8.36MB
WWC, IUCN, IWA, Co-operative Program on Water and Climate Perspectives on water and climate change adaptation (2009) PDF 1.46MB