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The 3rd WEPA International Forum on Water Environmental Governance in Asia

The 3rd WEPA International Forum was held on 23-24 October 2008 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. A total of 108 people participated in the forum and 37 presentations were presented by the speakers from 12 countries in Asia. This Forum became an opportunity for the participants to strengthen the sharing of knowledge and the relevant stakeholder networks through presentations and discussions with their counterparts in neighboring countries.

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Date & Venue
23- 24 October 2008, PUTRAJAYA MARRIOTT HOTEL, Putrajaya, Malaysia
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Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Malaysia
National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
Secretariat of Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA)
c/o Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
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23 October 2008, Day 1
8:00 Registration
OPENING PLENARY [Putrajaya Ball Room]
Master of Ceremonies:
Nur Elyasabath Mohd Ghazali and Muhammad Azroie Mohamed Yusoff
Research Officers, National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia
  Doa Recitation
Welcoming Remarks
Salmah Zakaria
Director General, National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia
Opening Remarks
Tetsuo Ito
Director General for Water Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Officiating Remarks
Y.B. Senator Dato' Maznah bt Mazlan
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Malaysia
Exchange of Souvenirs
Briefing of WEPA
Kensuke Fukushi
Associate Professor, University of Tokyo
9:50 Keynote Speech:  "Looking to a Sustainable Water Environment in Asia"
Motoyuki Suzuki
Professor, The Open Universiy of Japan PDF Presentation(1,529KB)
  [Selangor Room] [Kuala Lumpur Room]
  THEME 1: Ecosystem
Chairpersons: Hideaki Nakane
Kazuko Yamaguchi
THEME 2: Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology
Chairpersons: Tomohide Watanabe
Sandhya Babel
10:45 Copper and Lead Depuration in Nila Fish (Oreocromis niloticus L.)
Suphia Rahmawati (Indonesia)
Institute Technology Bandung
PDF Presentation(1,599KB)
PDF Paper(108KB)
Water Management in Urban Area in Asia
Kensuke Fukushi (Japan)
University of Tokyo
PDF Presentation(752KB)
PDF Paper(242KB)
11:15 An Initiative for Community Participation and Rehabilitation of a Watershed Ecosystem in a Mountainous Area in India
Jaya Bharati (India)
Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan
PDF Presentation(1,139KB)
PDF Paper(1,469KB)
Use of Appropriate and Affordable Technology for Water Quality Improvement in a Community Managed Water Supply Demonstration Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Ranjith Perera (Thailand)
Asian Institute of Technology
PDF Presentation(721KB)
PDF Paper(1,031KB)
11:45 The Development of New Fish Monitoring Methodology and Its Application for National Stream Health Assessments in Korea
Kwang-Guk An (Korea)
Chungnam National University
PDF Presentation(2,161KB)
PDF Paper(64KB)
Phytotechnology, a Nature-Based Approach for Sustainable Water Sanitation and Conservation
Yulinah Trihadiningrum (Indonesia)
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
PDF Presentation(2,812KB)
PDF Paper(137KB)
12:15 School Network for River Conservation and Ecosystem Monitoring in Northern Thailand
Jureerat Boonwan (Thailand)
WWF Greater Mekong Thailand Country Program
PDF Presentation(2,552KB)
PDF Paper(2,046KB)
Decentralized Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Rural Areas in China - Efforts of the Japan-China Water Environment Partnership Project
Motoyuki Mizuochi (Japan)
National Institute for Environmental Studies
PDF Presentation(1,215KB)
PDF Paper(454KB)
  THEME 3: Community Participation
Chairpersons: Futaba Kazama
Ranjith Perera
THEME 4: Current State of Water and Urban Drainage
Chairpersons: Kensuke Fukushi
Chuan-Hong Xing
14:00 People's Participation in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project:
A case study in Jorong Kampung Baru, Solok, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Yuerlita (Thailand)
Asian Institute of Technology
PDF Presentation(4,451KB)
PDF Paper(185KB)
Livelihood Challenges of the Communities in Catchments Area of and along the Hong Kae Semi-artificial Drainage Channel in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
Oulavanh Sinsamphanh (Lao PDR)
National University of Lao PDR
PDF Presentation(1,067KB)
PDF Paper(239KB)
14:30 From the Ground Up: The Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development (WAND), Approach to Water Quality Conservation in Mindanao, the Philippines
Elmer V. Sayre (Philippines)
WAND Foundation, Inc.
PDF Presentation(2,112KB)
PDF Paper(120KB)
Current State of Water in Myanmar
Mu Mu Than (Myanmar)
Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
PDF Presentation(1,623KB)
PDF Paper(43KB)
15:00 The Most Polluted River in Japan: Ayasegawa River -Campaign Breaking the Worst One-
Masao Oishi, Yoshimi Ikushima (Japan)
NPO Water forum which connects Tokyo Bay to Arakawa, Tonegawa and Tamagawa River
PDF Presentation(14,615KB)
PDF Paper(193KB)
Role of MSMA in Promoting Sutainable Urban Drainage Sytems in Malaysia
Md Nasir bin MD NOH (Malaysia)
Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia
PDF Presentation(2,038KB)
PDF Paper(148KB)
15:30 Local Initiatives in Water Quality Management Programs in the Philippines: Policy Issues and Challenges
Carlos M. Pascual (Philippines)
College of Agriculture and Forestry
PDF Presentation(2,824KB)
PDF Paper(172KB)
The Current State of River Basins in Vietnam - Pollution and Solution
Hoang Duc Hanh (Vietnam)
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
PDF Presentation(1,657KB)
PDF Paper(114KB)
  THEME 5: Water Quality Monitoring
Chairpersons: So Kazama
Carlos M. Pascual
THEME 6: Water Environment Policy
Chairpersons: Tsuyoshi Imai
Mohd Fauzi Bin Mohamed
16:15 Water Quality Monitoring and Water Quality Situation in Thailand
Thiparpa Yolthantham (Thailand)
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
PDF Presentation(1,113KB)
PDF Paper(251KB)
Water Quality along a Mekong Tributary in Northern Lao PDR
Phonexay Sengsoulichanh (Lao PDR)
National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI)
PDF Presentation(1.263KB)
PDF Paper(376KB)
16:45 Water Quality Monitoring and Management in Lao PDR:
The Case Study of Nam Ngum River Basin
Souphasay Komany (Lao PDR)
(substituted by Oulavanh Sinsamphanh )
PDF Presentation(coming soon)
PDF Paper(531KB)
The Implication of Environmental Legal Tools to Water Environment in Cambodia
Phet Pichhara (Cambodia)
Ministry of Environment
PDF Presentation(469KB)
PDF Paper(199KB)
17:15 Community Participation in Pollution Abatement and Water Conservation through Bio Monitoring
Sandhya Babel (Thailand)
Thammasat University
PDF Presentation(3,288KB)
PDF Paper(544KB)
From Data to Policy (Ciliwung River Water Quality Management)
Aksa Tejalaksana (Indonesia)
The State Ministery for Environment
PDF Presentation(223KB)
PDF Paper(1,518KB)

24 October 2008, Day 2
  Pararell Sessions (cont.)
  [Selangor Room] [Kuala Lumpur Room]
  THEME7: Groundwater
Chairpersons: Futaba Kazama
Sangam Shrestha
THEME8: Water Environment Policy
Chairpersons: Mitsumasa Okada
Yatsuka Kataoka
8:30 Removal of Arsenic and Manganese in Underground Water by Manganese Dioxide and Diatomite Mineral Ores
Nguyen Thi Hue (Vietnam)
Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
PDF Presentation(972KB)
PDF Paper(96KB)
Introduce Market Mechanism into Urban Water Management Establish Public-Private Partnership
Sun Pingyi (China)
Weihai Environmental Protection Agency
PDF Presentation(708KB)
PDF Paper(1,128KB)
9:00 Isotopic and Hydrochemical Signatures in Characterizing Pollutants Movement in Overexploited Groundwater Aquifers of Delhi State
S. K. Tyagi (India)
Indian Agricultural Research Institute
PDF Presentation(1,550KB)
PDF Paper(220KB)
Designation of Water Quality Management Areas in the Philippines
Leza A. Acorda-Cuevas (Philippines)
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
PDF Presentation(3,901KB)
PDF Paper(356KB)
9:30 Introduction of Kumamoto City, Home of the Richest Groundwater in Japan: To our Asian Neighbors
Tsutomu Nagata (Japan)
Kumamoto City
PDF Presentation(1,902KB)
PDF Paper(117KB)
Application of IWRM/ IRBM Principles for Tasik Putrajaya Catchment
Akashah Hj. Majizat (Malaysia)
Perbadanan Putrajaya
PDF Presentation(8,320KB)
PDF Paper(676KB)
10:00 Factors Influencing Farmers' Willingness to Protect Groundwater from Nonpoint Sources of Pollution in the Lower Bhavani River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
Sacchidananda Mukherjee (India)
PDF Presentation(567KB)
PDF Paper(55KB)
The Evolution of Community-Based Water Environmental Governance in Surabaya, Indonesia: From Solid Waste into Clean Water Management
A. Hery Pratono (Indonesia)
Universitas Surabaya
PDF Presentation(2,944KB)
PDF Paper(38KB)
  THEME 9: Water Resource
Chairpersons: So Kazama
Ahmad Jamaluddin Bin Shaaban
THEME 10: Water Environment Policy
Chairpersons: Hideaki Nakane
Mitsuharu Tokunaga
10:45 The Development of Gedung - An Information and Data Sharing Repository Platform for Hydraulic Research in Malaysia
Juhaimi Jusoh (Malaysia)
National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia
PDF Presentation(783KB)
PDF Paper(229KB)
Legislative Approach to Water Quality Management in Malaysia - Success and Challenges
Hashim Bin Daud (Malaysia)
Department of Environment
PDF Presentation(68KB)
PDF Paper(174KB)
11:15 The Impact of Climate Change and Human Activity on Mongolian Water Resources
S. Chuluunkhuyag (Mongolia)
PDF Presentation(2,290KB)
PDF Paper(3,035KB)
Urban River Rehabilitation: A Case Study in Marikina City, Philippines
Carlyne Z. Yu (Thailand)
Asian Institute of Technology
PDF Presentation(553KB)
PDF Paper(157KB)
11:45 Water Resource in Coastal Area
So Kazama (Japan)
Tohoku University
PDF Presentation(805KB)
Overcoming Pollution in Japan and the Lessons Learned
Hirokazu Iwasaki (Japan)
Ministry of the Environment
PDF Presentation(2,139KB)
PDF Paper(163KB)
12:15 CLOSING PLENARY (Selangor Room)
  Closing Remarks
Mitsumasa Okada, Professor, Hiroshima University
Salmah Zakaria, Director General, National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia