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Meeting Report
A Dialogue in Indonesia

The Japanese Ministry of the Environment and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) held a dialogue on water environmental governance on 9 October 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Officers from Ministry of Environment, Indonesia and other related agencies participated in the dialogue. The meeting aimed to exchange views between Indonesia and Japan, on the water environmental governance and other areas which have close linkage of water environment issues such as integrated water resources management. The meeting also aimed to contribute to the enhancement of the WEPA database by putting the exchanged information on the database.

9 October 2009 (On 8 October, site visit was conducted for the Japanese participants)
Ministry of Environment, Indonesia
49 participants
(43 participants from Indonesia (from Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Public Utilities, industries, and local NGO) and 6 from Japan)
Dialogue Programme
Meeting Memo (coming soon)
image: meetingimage: meetingimage: meeting

Dialogue Programme
Time Agenda Speakers
8:30am-9.00am Registration
9.00am-9.20am Opening Ceremony
Opening remarks from Key Host Country Dr. Sudariyono
Opening remarks from Japanese Delegate Mr. Tetsuo ITO
Director General for Water Environment, Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Japan.
9.20am-9.30am Brief Outline of WEPA and WEPA Dialogue
PDF (99KB)
Ms. Yatsuka Kataoka
Project Manager, IGES
9.30am-10.00am Japanese Experiences on the Management of Water Environment
PDF (1,088KB)
Dr. Mitsumasa OKADA
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering, Hiroshima University
10.00am-10.15am Coffe/Tea Break
10.15am-10.45am Global Environmental Change and Water Problems in the Water Environment: Problems enveloping the water environment
PDF (1,891KB)
Mr. Yoshiaki MORIKITA
Director, Water Environment Division, Environment Management Bureau, MOE, Japan
10.45am-11.15am Water Environmental Management in Japan
PDF (1,195KB)
Deputy Director, Water Environment Division, Environment Management Bureau, MOE, Japan.
11.15am-11.45am Goal and Policy of the Water Quality Management
PDF (7,900KB)
Ir. Antung Deddy Radiansyah
Assistant Deputy for Lakes & Rivers Degradation Control
11.45am-13.00am Lunch and Friday Pray
13.00am-13.30am Water Quality Monitoring
PDF (629KB)
Dra. Halimah S.M.Si
Head of Environmental Impact Control Facility
13.30am-14.00am Public Participation in Citarum Water Quality Management
PDF (31MB)
Didin Rosyidin
Head of Citarum Care Foundation
14.00am-14.30am The effort of Industrial waste water management by Company’s Environmental Rating Program (PROPER)
PDF (2,434KB)
Ir. Tuti Hendrawati Mintarsih
MPPPMAssistant Deputy for Agro Industry Pollution Control
14.30am-14.45am Coffe/Tea Break
14.45am-15.15am National Mitigation Plan and Weather Change Adaptability on Water Resources (Cancel)
15.15pm-16.00pm Discussion
16.00pm-16.20pm Closing
16.20pm Reception
Meeting Memo (coming soon)
Site Visit
On October 8th, Japanese participants visited PT KA Kris and MCK plus and had discussion with relevant stakeholders.
image: PT KA Kris image: PT KA Kris PT KA Kris
image: MCK plus image: MCK plus MCK plus