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Last update:2014-4-12

WEPA Second Phase Final Report

Date: 24 March 2014
Language: English
Author: WEPA Secretariat
(Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Copyright: Ministry of the Environment, Japan
ISBN: 978-4-88788-168-6

Recognising that the improvement of water environmental governance is essential to solve water pollution problems in the Asian region, the Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA) was launched in 2004 by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.
The second phase of WEPA started in 2009 and promoted knowledge-sharing for finding solutions through workshops and dialogues, a process which contributes to the water environmental governance in respective WEPA countries.

This report aims to introduce the result of activities and the outcomes obtained in the second phase of WEPA. First, it presents a summary of the outcomes obtained from activities in the second phase tackling common issues in Asian region such as “Situation Analysis on Water Environmental Governance”, “Domestic Wastewater treatment”, “Industrial Wastewater Management” and “Climate Change and Water Environment”. Second, it compiles the messages from WEPA partners in order to show how their views reflect the activities in the second phase. It also mentions the current water pollution problems that WEPA countries are facing as well as WEPA’s contribution to solving them. The report puts particular focus on how WEPA partners utilised the knowledge and information obtained from WEPA for the improvement of the water environmental management in their countries. Moreover, their expectations for future WEPA actions are also stated in the report.


Summary of the Second Phase of WEPA Activities

Outcomes of Specific Issues Addressed in the Second Phase of WEPA

Messages from WEPA Partner Countries

Appendix (The lists of WEPA focal points, partners, advisory committees and the second phase activities)