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Governmental activities Japan

Name of Activity Overview
Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-conserved Waters
  • “Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-conserved Waters” were chosen by the Environment Agency (presently Ministry of the Environment) in March 1985.
  • The main objective is to raise consciousness of clear nearby waters, which have been familiar to residents from the past and conserved by the people, through rediscovering those waters in all Japan.
Seto Inland Sea Environmental Conservation Month
  • Every year, month of June is observed as the “Seto Inland Sea Environmental Conservation Month”
  • It aim to disseminate knowledge and raise consciousness about environmental issues of the Seto Inland Sea
  • Various activities such as seminars, lectures, seashore clean-up campaigns and distribution of posters are promoted during this month at many places in the 13 prefectures surrounding the Seto Inland Sea.
Municipal-level Monitoring Project of Biological Indices in Rivers
  • In cooperation with municipal organizations, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport have widely appealed for public participation since fiscal year 1984. The aquatic life monitoring is carried out in rivers of all Japan by elementary and junior high school students and citizen’s groups.
  • The water quality judgment manual “Water Quality Judgment by Aquatic Life—Let’s investigate creatures in the river” is being created.
  • The number of biological indices is 30.
The 88 Bests in Bathing Spot in Japan
  • “The 88 Bests in Bathing Spot in Japan” aims to familiarize bathing spots with good quality water and pleasant environment. In 2001, 88 bathing spots were selected by the committee on pleasant bathing spots.
  • The 88 bests in bathing spot in Japan were reselected with revised selecting standards, based on “The 55 Bests in Bathing Spot in Japan” selected in 1998. “The 55 Bests in Bathing Spot in Japan” honored 55 bathing spots with good quality water and pleasant environment to:
    • further understanding and cooperation on the conservation of the water environment through contact with water
    • support related groups’ efforts to make the bathing spots better.
  • Each of the 88 selected bathing spots had either more than 10,000(bathing beach) or over 5,000 visitors (lake, marsh and river) last year, and has also satisfied some requirements set such as water quality.
  • The committee on pleasant bathing spots selected 88 bathing spots out from 146 bathing spots nominated by prefectures, considering their water quality, natural environment, scenery, safety, convenience and advantages as well as consideration for the environment.
“Kodomo Hotaranger”
  • “Kodomo Hotaranger” is an award for water environment conservation activity, which is related to fireflies (hotaru) and participated in mainly by children (kodomo). It is children who will shoulder the next generation; “Kodomo Hotaranger” aims to raise children’s awareness of water environment conservation through protecting fireflies, which spend most of their lifetime at the waterside.  
  • “Kodomo Hotaranger” started in 2004 and is working under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment and the Earth Water & Green Foundation.
  • After being judged by the jury, 2 activities are chosen to be awarded the Minister of the Environment prize and the excellence prize from submitted reports on water environment conservation activities concerning fireflies by the Minister of the Environment.
  • The judgment is done, taking many points into consideration; not only outcomes of activities and the extent of water-environmental awareness got, but also autonomy, the extent of revitalization of a local community, originality, pleasantness, continuity, possibilities and the quality of children’s experiences got are taken into account. 


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