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Governmental activities Thailand

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Monitoring of Water Quality in Bangpakong River Basin by Local Residents

The Monitoring of Water Quality in Bangpakong River Basin by Local Residents activity is created to encourage local community participation in water quality monitoring process. The objectives of this activity are three folds:

  1. To strengthen local community awareness and participation for water quality monitoring;
  2. To expand water quality monitoring network upon Chacheangsao province to Nakorn Nayok and Prachinburi;
  3. To establish a connection of the “Bangpakong River Basin Protection Network”.

Pollution Control Department (PCD) and Thai Resources and Environmental Management Institute (TREMI) organize the water pollution examination training program for the local community. The training provides both knowledge and practices in water quality monitoring. In addition, necessary instruments for water quality monitoring are given to the participants.

Using an information technology approach to establish communication path among the Banpakong River Basin Protection Network, PCD and TREMI set up a website.

Several activities will be conducted to launch awareness and promote local involvement within the communities. An exhibition of water quality results monitored by the communities will be held. Relevant information for local communities will be provided. “Environment and river festival” will be arranged, by cooperation of members of the network in three provinces, Chacheangsao, Nakorn Nayok and Prachinburi.

Reference: Pollution Control Department

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