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Case Overview

Siem Reap Town cleaned up campaign 2005

  • Siem Reap Town is a city with a rich culture that attracts many tourists to Cambodia. Recently, the government and local authorities have considered the town to be an important area for national development.
  • The local authorities under the management of the governor of Siem Reap Province had set up a public campaign to raise public awareness and responsibility in order to protect the environment in 2005.
  • After the campaign, waste dumped along and/or in the stream was rarely observed.

Cleaning up Stung Siem Reap 2005

  • Stung Siem Reap flows across the cultural area of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap. As a result of the increase in development since 1993, Stung Siem Reap was polluted.
  • The provincial environmental department of Siem Reap concluded that solid wastes are the major source of pollution. The provincial office collaborated with local communities, carried out the collection and cleaning up of solid wastes in the area of Stung Siem Reap.
  • The programme contributed to not only water but also environmental conservation, although it faced obstacles such as insufficient human resources and budget.

Assessment of the quality of all natural resource 2005

  • Tonle Sap Great Lake is the heart of Cambodian society because of the richness of its natural resources. However, many human activities have caused the degradation of the environment of Tonle Sap Great Lake, such as illegal fishing, logging, wastewater and sewage discharge, runoff of agricultural field, etc.
  • The authority of Kampong Chhnang Province has implemented the programme for the protection and conservation of the lake environment.

Cleaning the town together for environmental pollution reduction

  • Awareness of the importance of protecting the environment is still low in Cambodia. The Kampong Chhang Province authority conducted this campaign to minimise environmental pollution, and to maintain a proper sanitation systems in towns and residential areas.
  • Local communities were fully involved in the campaign and gained awareness in the field.

Solid waste management in Kampong Chhnang Province 2003-2005

  • Kampong Chhang Province is located alongside the Tonle Sap Great Lake. The lake environment has degraded because of the development of the area.
  • The environmental department of Kampong Chhang Province supported by the Seila Program conducted the project to improve the environment, including environmental education, generating forestry community, and solid waste management.
  • The solid waste management project was started in 2003 by the staff at the environmental department of Kampong Chhnang Province. The programme implemented waste management, including the construction of the dumping sites and education programme.