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Law enforcement Budget and Expenses: China

Environmental Protection Cost

Referred from: Tenth-Five-Year Plan for National Environment Protection (China)

Investment during the Eighth and Ninth Five-Year period

During the Ninth-Five-Year period, the accumulated national environment protection investment is RMB 360 billion, which accounts for 0.93 percent of the GDP of the same period, and high than the 0.73 percent of the Eighth-Five-Year period.

Investment during the Tenth Five-Year period and its division

To attain the environment protection objective, RMB 700 billion should be invested nationwide during the Tenth-Five-Year period, which accounts for about 1.3 percent the GDP of the same period. The investment of infrastructure construction, comprehensive basin management, ecological protection and capacity building is mainly come from the government of each level, which is about RMB 394 billion and about 56 percent of the total investment. The investment for industrial pollution prevention and control is about RMB 306 billion, which is about 44 percent of the total investment. According to the “polluter pays” rule, the cost for industrial pollution prevention and control will be invested by the enterprises.

Investment for the key projects in the Tenth Five-Year period

The capital needed for the sewage treatment plant construction in “Three rivers and Three lakes” basin (Huaihe, Liaohe and Haihe River, Dianchi, Chaohu and Taihu Lake) is RMB 31.7 billion, of which RMB 22.1 billion for the 152 plants in Three rivers basin and RMB 9.6 billion for the 29 plants in Three lakes basin. The investment for the water pollution prevention and control in Three Gorge reservoir area is RMB 14.6 billion, of which RMB 10.6 billion for the 88 sewage treatment plants and RMB 4 for the 69 garbage disposal plants. To assure the supply water quality reach standard III, 73 sewage treatment plants should be constructed in the South-to-North water transfer area (east line) with RMB 8.8 billion investment. 11 sewage plants will be constructed in the Bohai bay area with RMB 1.6 billion investment.

Investment for the water environment protection in the Tenth Five-Year period and its division

In the Tenth-Five-Year period, 5 million ton COD discharge must be reduced through the engineering projects, which include sewage treatment plant construction, industrial pollution reduction, scaled livestock breeding discharge treatment and comprehensive of the water environment. The total investment is about RMB 270 billion.

Investment for environment protection in 2003

Referred form: 2003 Report on the State of the Environment of China

In 2003, China’s total investment in the treatment of environmental pollution was RMB 162.723 billion, which was 19.4% more than the previous year. Among them, the investment in urban environmental infrastructure was RMB 107.2 billion, which was 35.9% more than the previous year; the investment in the treatment of industrial pollution sources was RMB 22.18 billion; the investment made in order to meet the “Three Simultaneities” requirement for new projects was RMB 33.35 billion, which was 14.4% less than the previous year. In 2003, the investment in the treatment of environmental pollution was 1.39% of China’s GDP.

Referred from: Annual Report of Chinese Environmental Statistic

The wastewater treatment investment for the industrial pollution treatment in 2003 is RMB 8.74 billion, 22.2 percent higher than that of 2002.

Notes: Data of Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan are not included in the material mentioned above.