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Law enforcement Budget and Expenses: Japan

Environmental Protection Cost

Total Cost of Environmental Conservation in Japan

The total cost of environmental conservation is 6,068,400 million yen in Japan. This accounts for 1.11% of the Japanese gross domestic product (real GDP) of 545,577,400 million yen (fiscal year2003).

National and Local Rate of Environmental Conservation Cost

Of all the cost (6,068,400 million yen), the national amount (Japanese government) is 2,742,300 million yen (45.2%), and the local amount is 3,326,100 million yen (54.8%) As for the items of the local cost, all prefectures account for 706,800 million yen (11.6% to whole Japan), and cities, wards, towns, and villages (including ordinance-designated cities) account for 2,619,200 million yen (43.2%) (Fiscal year 2003).

Breakdown of FY 2003 Environmental Conservation Cost (Nation, Prefectures, and Cities, Wards, Towns and Villages)

Rate of Water Environment Cost to All the Environmental Conservation Cost

Among the environmental conservation cost of 6,068,400 million yen, the cost of water environmental conservation (conservation of water environment, soil environment, and ground environment) is 2,529,100 million yen (nation: 1,100,100 million yen, and prefectures and cities, wards, towns and villages: 1,429 billion yen) (Fiscal year 2003).

The main purpose for spending is sewer maintenance, maintenance of effluent treatment facilities, and environmental pollution control. The rate of the cost of these items is higher than any other item, such as measures for global environment conservation, and waste and recycling.

Breakdown of FY 2003 Environmental Conservation Cost

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