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Law enforcement Budget and Expenses: Nepal

Budget and Expenses

It is a cumbersome task to sum up the entire government budget appropriated for the environment programs specially water environment. Almost all the development ministries have environment management budget bundled along with their annual budget for their development activities. Annual budget appropriation for some of the relevant ministries for the Fiscal Year (2072/073 BS) 2015/2016 are presented here for the reference. This budget also involves the administrative costs.

S. No. Ministries Budget appropriation for the FY 2072/073 (2015/2016) in NRs. 
1. Ministry of Industry (Environmental sector helping program only) 1,66,51,000.00
2. Water and Energy Commission Secretariat 10,47,85,000.00
3. Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation 13,26,23,03,000.00
4. Ministry of Environment and Science 8,55,12,52,000.00
5. Ministry of Energy 6,42,22,91,000.00
6. Ministry of Urban Development 24,92,10,24,000.00
7. Ministry of Agricultural Development 26,68,25,80,000.00
8. Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation 48,38,18,35,000.00
9. Ministry of Irrigation 20,22,51,37,000.00
10. Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development 77,23,93,08,000.00