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Law enforcement Budget and Expenses: Philippines

Environmental Protection Cost

The protection and conservation of the country’s environment and natural resources is primarily mandated to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) created under Executive Order No. 192 in June 1987. It has the responsibility to ensure the sustainable use, development, management, removal and conservation of the country’s forest, mineral lands, offshore areas and other natural resources, including the protection and enhancement of the quality of environment. The concept of environmental protection is premise under one basic law, P.D. No. 1151 better known as the Philippines Environmental Policy. This law declared a continuing policy of the state to (a) create, develop, maintain and improve the conditions under which man and nature can thrive in productive and enjoyable harmony with each other, (b) fulfill the social, economical and other requirements of present and future generations of Filipinos, and (c) ensure the attainment of an environmental quality that is conducive to life and dignity and well being.

EMB is an organization in charge of the environmental conservation and pollution control within DENR. When the Clean Air Act was enacted in 1999, EMB was reformed from a policy-planning bureau to a policy-implementing bureau. EMB includes 700 technical staff members (engineer, chemist, IT, biologist, etc.) and 400 administrative staff members in 2015 and its regional offices within the DENR regional offices.

・Total budget of EMB - PhP 849,524,000.00 aggregated as follows:
Personnel Services (PS)- 182,524.00
Maintenance and other Operating Expenses (MOOE) – 479,688.00
Capital Outlay (CO: purchase of equipment, vehicle, constructions of building and other infrastructure, etc.) – 170,026.00
Rretirement and Life Insutrance Premium (RLIP) – 17,610.00
The 2015 budget accounts for 4.67% of the total budget of the DENR (PhP 18,170,005,000.00).