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Law enforcement Capacity Building: Indonesia

Capacity building

Ministry of the Environment has a training center that responsible for providing training and education to related central government and local government officials, national and local politicians, and public sector employee. During the periode 2001-2004, number of participants that has been trained by Ministry of Environment Training Center within the Center was accounted 7,060 participants. This figure is greater if it is included training that provided outside the center. By including training that conducted by MoE Training Center which is in collaboration with other insitution, number of participant during the periode 2001-2004 was 8,021.

There is some difficulties to differentiate how much number of person that has been trained solely to the environmental management. It is because mostly the training mixed of participant background and training materials. One of main challenges from capacity builiding for local government is high turn over of trained staffs. Many of local government staffs after attended training move to another divisions.