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Law enforcement Monitoring Systems: Japan

Water Quality Monitoring

An Outline

Governors are required to continuously monitor the progress of pollution of public waters and groundwater (Water Pollution Control Law)
nextContinuous monitoring of public waters and groundwater

Governors and mayors of government ordinance-designed cities request factors and business establishments to report the quality of their effluents or inspect them, as required under the Water Pollution Control Law. The purpose of this monitoring is to determine the factory compliance with the effluent standards. Administrative actions, such as improvement orders, are taken against the factories and business establishments on the basis of this monitoring. Further, the water Pollution Control Law requires those discharging effluents from business establishments within areas, designed by the Standard for Areawide Total Pollution Load Control, to measure their total pollution load discharges and record them (Water Pollution Control Law)
nextMonitoring of Effluent Quality

Local governments are carrying out monitoring surveys under the laws and notifications, monitoring surveys contracted with national government, original monitoring surveys and researches by local governments, and monitoring surveys of under unexpected incidents.
nextWater Quality Monitoring by Local Governments

Environmental Survey and Monitoring of Chemicals