Background : Malaysia
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Background : Malaysia

Current Objectives of Water Environment Conservation

The National Policy on Environment states that the nation shall implement environmentally sound and sustainable development for the continuous economic, social and cultural progress and enhancement of the quality of life of Malaysians. It is based on eight inter-related and mutually supporting principles and where water is concerned will include the sustainable use of water resources, conservation of a river's vitality and diversity, and the continuous improvement of its water quality.

The National Policy on the Environment has seven Green Strategies that are directed towards sustainable development. The key areas for the seven Green Strategies are:

(a) Education and Awareness;
(b) Effective management of natural resources and the environment;
(c) Integrated development planning and implementation;
(d) Prevention and control of pollution and environmental degradation
(e) Strengthening administrative and institutional mechanisms
(f) Proactive approach to regional and global environment issues
(g) Formulation and implementation of Action Plans

Malaysia published "The Ninth Malaysia Plan 2006-2010" which reviewed the status of the country in the past 15 years (1990-2005) and presented the development plan for the coming five years towards 2020. The plan shows that addressing one of the thrusts of the National Mission "Thrust 4: To Improve the Standards and Sustainability of Quality of Life" entails ensuring better protection of the environment and more efficient usage of natural resources. Under the mission of Thrust 4, promoting environmental protection and sustainable resource management is regarded as one of the key issue. The plan states that environmental stewardship will continue to be promoted by the Government to ensure an optimal balance between development needs and the environment, and that water quality will be monitored closely, and measures will be undertaken to minimize pollution.

Therefore, the ultimate objective of Malaysia's environmental management (including water quality management) is improvement of living standards and the sustainability of its citizens' quality of life.