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Legislative framework : Viet Nam

National Water Policy and Strategy

The broadest level of national policy and strategy development is provided in the “Socio-Economic Development Strategy for 2001-2010”. A number of water related strategies /objectives are presented here.
The water sector has no overall integrated strategy and action plan at the national or regional basin level; however, strategies and action plans exist for a number of the sub-sectors:

  • Water Resources Development Plan to the year 2000 and Tentative Development Plan to the year 2010 (MARD, June 1998)
  • Direction and Duties of Water resources development to the year 2010 (MARD, September 1999).
  • Strengthening Environmental protection in the period of National Industrialization and modernization (Communist Party of Viet Nam, Directive No. 36/CT-TW, 1998).
  • Strategy for Rural Agriculture Development in the Industrialization and Modernization Period to the year 2010 (MARD, July 2000).
  • Agriculture and Rural development Plan (2001- 2005) (MARD, August 2000).
  • National Strategy for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (NRWSS).
  • Second National Strategy and Action Plan for Disaster Mitigation and management in Viet Nam 2001 to 2020 (MARD and Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control, December 2001.

Key Legislation on Water Resources

Table: The relevant legislation, regulations on Water Resources

General Environment

Water related legislation

Aquiculture legislation

National Law on Environmental Protection (December 27, 1993)

Decree No 175/CP of the Government dated October 18, 1994 on guidance implementation Law on Environmental Protection.

Decree No 91/2002 dated November 11, 2002 on the Mandate, Organization and Functions of MONRE.

Decree No 26/Cp of the Government dated April 26, 1996 on administrative fines for violation of environmental protection.

Decision 82/2002/QD-TTg dated June 26, 2002 on Establishment, Mandate and Operations of the Viet Nam Environment Protection Fund.

Decision No 45/QD-TTg dated on April 2, 2003 on establishment of provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Decision No 395/1998/QD-BKHCNMT of MOSTE dated April 10, 1998 on issuing Regulation of environmental protection in searching, exploring, developing, exploiting, storing, transporting and processing oil, gas and other related services.

Law on Water Resources (May 20, 1998)

Decree 179/1999/ ND-CP of July 10, 1999 on implementing the Law on Water Resources.

Ordinance on prevention, combat against floods and typhoons (1993) 

Ordinance on Supplement and amendment ordinance on prevention, combat against floods and typhoons (2000).

Decree No 67/2003 dated June 13, 2003 on Fees for wastewater

Directive No 200/TTg of Prime Minister dated April 29, 1994 on guarantee clean water and rural environmental sanitation.

Directive No 487/ TTg of the Prime Minister dated July 30, 1996 on Enhancement of State management on Water Resources.

Decision 327 CT of September 15, 1992 on Policies for the use of bare land, denuded hills, forests, alluvial flats and water bodies.

Decision No 860-TTg of Prime Minister dated December 30, 1995 on functions, responsibilities, powers and organization’s machinery of Viet Nam Mekong Committee.

Decision No 299/TTg of Prime Minister dated May 13, 1996 of Prime Minister on establishment the Central Guidance Board of prevention, combat against floods and typhoons.

Decision 63/1998/QD-TTg of Prime Minister dated March 18, 1998 on National Orientation on water supply development in urban areas by 2020.

Decision No 155/1999/QD-TTg of Prime Minister dated July 16,1999 on issuing Regulation of hazardous waste management (including hazardous wastewater).

Decision No 35/1999/QD-TTg dated March 5,1999 on National Orientation on drainage development in urban areas by 2020.

Decision No 67/2000/QD-TTg of Prime Minister dated June 15, 2000 on establishment National Water Resources Council.

Decision No 104/2000/QD-TTG dated August 25, 2000 on National Strategy on Clean water and environmental Sanitation in rural areas.

Decision No 99/2001/QD-TTG of Prime Minister on issuing Regulation on organization and operation of National Water resources Council.

Decision No 357 of MARD dated March 13, 1997 on issuing Temporary Regulation of implementation of regimes of license and permit for searching, exploring, exploiting and drilling ground water and registration of ground water exploitation works.

Decision No 37, 38, 39/2001/QD/BNN-TCCB of MARD dated April 09, 2001 on establishment Boards for River basin planning and management of Mekong, Dong Nai, Thai Binh and Red Rivers.

Decree No. 162/2003/ND-CP on Regulation on collecting, managing, exploting using of Water Resources Information

Decission No. 05-2003/QD-BTNMT of The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on licensing of surveying, exploiting of Under ground Water Resources

Law on Fishery resources (expected to be approved at the coming National Assembly Session in October 2003).

Ordinance on Development and Protection Aquatic resources (1989).

Decree No 49/ND-CP/1998 dated July 13, 1998 on issuing Regulation of fishery activities of foreigners and foreign boats in Viet Nam’s areas.

Decree No 43/ND-CP/2003 dated May 2, 2003 on Mandate, Organization and Functions of MOFish.

Decree No 70 -CP of the Government dated June 17, 2003 on administrative fines for violation in the fishery sector.

Source:VietNam Environment Monitor 2003 – Water. http:/www.nea.gov.vn/English/state/VEM – 2003/Index.htm

Viet Nam has an extensive set of Water Quality Classifications and Standards: Class A is water resource for domestic use (subject to appropriate treatment), Class B – for other users. There are separate standards for agriculture and aquaculture purposes.