Organizational arrangement : Myanmar
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Last update:2013-4-10

Organizational arrangement : Myanmar

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Ministrial Organization


Agencies Involved in Water Resource Management

  • Irrigation Department: is responsible for the management,
    exploitation, development and use of water and water resources in the
    field of agriculture,reclamation and drainage. It is also responsible to
    prevent and control of flood in protected area.In addition to this,
    Irrigation Department is responsible to collect hydrometeorological and
    water quality data with project oriented basis and disseminating and
    sharing of data with other water sector agencies.
  • Water Resources Utilisation Department: is responsible for
    implementation,development and use of water by pumping from rivers and
    groundwater for irrigation of farmlands.
  • Public Works, the Department of Development Affairs, City Development committees, and the Department of Human Settlement & Housing Development: responsible for domestic water supply and sanitation works in urban areas and underground water controlling works in Yangon City. After1988, private construction companies were developed, and both of surface and groundwater are utilized for supply of industrial and domestic use.
  • Department of Hydroelectric Power, Ministry of Electrical Power: involved in planning and utilization of water for its specific requirement without making adverse effect to the other user.
  • Dry Zone Greening Department, Ministry of Forestry: established watershed plantations and constructed small check dams, ponds and dug artesian wells to have the safe and adequate water for domestic use of villages and forest nurseries in effort to improve social and environmental conditions. It also implemented greening project in thirteen districts in dry zone area for conservation of nature and watershed areas of existing reservoirs.
  • Department of Health, Ministry of Health: responsible for monitoring of water quality for prevention of water-born disease. WHO standards for drinking water and domestic use are well practiced in controlling of water quality.
  • Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH), Ministry of Transport: responsible for measurement of discharge of Ayeyawady, Chindwin, Sittoung and Thanlwin River yearly to compute Runoff data for each stations and monitoring water quality at some places along major rivers.