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International Forum on Water Environmental Governance in Asia:
Technologies and Institutional Systems for Water Environmental Governance

The Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA) held an international forum on "Water Environmental Governance in Asia" on 14-15 March 2007 in Bangkok.

This forum was to be organised as part of the Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA), which is an initiative that was launched by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment on the occasion of the 3rd Water Forum, 2003.

Date & Time
14-15 March 2007 (Wed. and Thu. for two days)
Siam City Hotel Bangkok, Thailand
Ministry of the Environment Japan
Secretariat of the Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA)
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Asian Institute of Techology (AIT)

The water environment in Asia is facing severe, worsening problems such as poor water quality, mainly in urban areas, and a shortage of usable water. However, the stakeholders involved in these issues are not sharing their experience and expertise and thus there has been a distinct lack of action to make use of the knowledge gained so far. It is important to take action towards water environment conservation for the purpose of pursing sustainable management in the region based on the experience and expertise of various stakeholders.


This forum aims to promote water environment governance by promoting dialogue among various stakeholders in Asian monsoon regions (Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, south Asia), developing human resources and strengthening ties for the future amongst people responsible for improving water environment governance in this region.

Papers and Presentation Materials
Keynote Speech
Motoyuki Suzuki
Water Environmental Governance
PDF Presentation (1,2MB)
Theme 1: Local Water Environmental Management 1
Maria Rebecca A. Campos
Regulatory Pricing of Water and Sewerage Services in Metro Manila
PDF Presentation(188KB)
PDF Paper(40KB)
Adhitia Pramadhita, Resmiani, Setiawan Wangsaatmaja
Environmental Manager Trainee and Certification as The Pollution Control Program Implementation in West Java Province
PDF Paper(324KB)
Erlinda A. Gonzales
Innovative Partnership in the Protection and Management of the Marine and Coastal Resources of Manila Bay
Theme 2: Local Water Environmental Management 2
Chan Ngai Weng
The Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd (RBAPP): A Good Example of Corporate Social Responsibility of a Private Water Company in Malaysia
PDF Presentation(1.5MB)
PDF Paper(48KB)

Abeynayaka A., Werellagama D.R.I.B., Yatawara S.C.B., Paranavitana, G. N.
Lessons on Water Management, Past to the Future
PDF Presentation(4.2MB)
PDF Paper(600KB)

Kalithasan Kailasam
Community Water Quality Monitoring Programme in Malaysia
PDF Presentation(6.4MB)
PDF Paper(312KB)

Theme 3: Local Water Resource Management
Smita Mishra Panda
Negotiation Processes in Institutionalising Grassroots Level Water Governance: Case of Self Employed Women's Association, Gujarat, India
PDF Presentation(948KB)
PDF Paper(44KB)

Payton Deeks, Trigeany Linggoatmodjo, Irma Setiono
Power of Partnerships: Bringing Safe Water to Indonesia
PDF Presentation(788KB)
PDF Paper(188KB)

Shashi Bhattarai, Binay Shah, Srijan Aryal
Governance on Small Towns Water Supply Project in Nepal
PDF Presentation(580KB)
PDF Paper(48KB)

Theme 4: Regional Water Resource Management
Wang Jinmin
The Evolution of Water Rights System in China- From State to Market
Feng Qi
Water Resources Management and Rehabilitation in China
Geoffrey D. Gooch, Alistair S, Rieu-Clarke, Dan Kim Nhung
A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Vulnerability Assessment and Transboundary Water Governance: The Case of the Sesan Basinl
PDF Presentation(1.2MB)
PDF Paper(176KB)

Theme 5: Monitoring Technology
Soon-Jin Hwang, Jae-Kwan Lee, Jae-Hyun Lee, Soon Cho, Doo-Hee Won, Kwang-Guk An
Biological Water Quality Assessments and Criteria in Korea
PDF Presentation(2.5MB)
PDF Paper(88KB)

Suphia Rahmawati, Dwina Roosmini, Indah Rachmatiah Siti Salami
Development of Biomaker in Surface Water Quality Monitoring by Using Culture Fishery
Case Study: Saguling Reservoir, West Java, Indonesia
PDF Presentation(1.9MB)
PDF Paper(136KB)

Md.Mafizur Rahman, Fatima Jahra
Challenges for Implementation of Rain Water Harvesting Project in Arsenic Affected Areas of Bangladesh
PDF Presentation(120KB)
PDF Paper(48KB)

Theme 6: Regional Water Environmental Management Technology
Muhammad Naeem Sarwar
Adoption and Impact Zero Tillage Technology for Wheat in Rice-Wheat System. Water and Coast Saving Technology. A Case Study from Pakistan (Punjab)
PDF Presentation(2.7MB)
PDF Paper(84KB)

Kiyoshi Honda, Nguyem Duy Hung, Hiroshi Shimamura
Sensor ASIA - Sensor Network and GIS for Environmental Monitoring in Asia
Yoshiaki Tsuzuki, Thammarat Koottatep, MD Mafizur Rahman, Faruque Ahmed
Preliminary Study on Pollutant Discharge from Domestic Wastewater and Pollutant Load in the River: A Comparative Study between Japan, Thailand and Bangladesh
PDF Presentation(3.2MB)
PDF Paper(364KB)

Theme 7: Regional Water Environmental Management 1
Carlos M. Pascual
Towards a Sustainable Systems Approach in Governing Water Environment in the Philippines
PDF Presentation(744KB)
PDF Paper(68KB)

Hyun-Joo Moon
Watershed Management and Implementation of Total Pollution Load Management System (TPLMS) for Water in Korea
PDF Presentation(412KB)
PDF Paper(136KB)

Grace B. Villamor, Rodel D. Lasco
Water Levy as Financing Scheme for Watershed Protection- A City Government Initiative to Rehabilitate the Baticulan Watershed, Philippines
Theme 8: Environmental Management Technology 1
Carlito Santos, Jr., David M. Robbins
Low-Cost Innovative Solutions for Treating Public Market Wastewater in the Philippines:
Deploying Hybrid Anaerobic/Aerobic Cocopeat Filtration Systems
PDF Presentation(2.0MB)
PDF Paper(180KB)

Winia Farida, Lufiandi, Setiawan Wangsaatmadja
The Sanitation Facilities Imrpovement Based on Social and Cultural Consideration in Kelurahan Batununggal Bandung City, Indonesia
PDF Presentation(1.1MB)
PDF Paper(212KB)

Prayogo, T.B, Hendrawan, A.P, Sumiadi, Susilo G.E.
Separating Drainage as the Alternative Small Municipality Water Treatment
PDF Presentation(508KB)
PDF Paper(52KB)
Theme 9 : Environmental Management Technology 2
Katsuyoshi Ishizaki, Naoko Nakagawa, Masahiro Otaki, Yasuhiro Nakanishi
Sustainable Improvement for Sanitation in Households
Le Ngoc Cau, Hiroyasu Satoh, Takashi Mino
The Existing Urban Environmental Sanitation in Hanoi and Problems Related
PDF Presentation(124KB)
PDF Paper(96KB)

Chart Chiemchaisri, Lumpoon Jaitrong, Ryo Honda, Kensuke Fukushi, Kazuo Yamamoto
Application of Photosynthetic Bacteria Treatment System for Recovery of Organic Carbon from Noodle Processing Wastewater
PDF Presentation(600KB)
PDF Paper(76KB)
Special Topic Session: Ground Water Resource in Asia
Kensuke Fukushi
Arsenic in Soil, Groundwater and Air
PDF Presentation(944KB)
Tetsuo Kuyama
Status and Management Policy of Groundwater Quality in Asia
PDF Presentation(476KB)
Takeshi Tsuboya
Strategic Groundwater Management- A Case Study in Osaka District
PDF Presentation(1.1MB)