Last Updated : 08 February 2023.

ラオスは豊富な水資源に恵まれた国であり、年間平均降水量は、南部の高山地帯では約 4,000 mm、北部の渓谷部では約 1,300 mmです。人口は約 712 万人で、一人当たりの年間水使用可能量はWEPA 参加国の中では最も多く、約 55,000 立法メートルです。

Legal framework

  • Environmental Protection Law (Outside source)
    The backbone of Lao PDR’s legal framework for environmental management. The purpose is to balance the social and natural environment, sustain and protect natural resources and public health, and contribute to socio-economic development and climate change mitigation.
  • Law on Water and Water Resources (Outside source; in Lao)
    The purpose is to address the linkages between environment, health, and development.

Institutional Arrangement of water

Water quality standards

Technical standards and related information

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