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Last Updated : 07 February 2023.

Cambodia is located in the middle reach of the Lower Mekong Basin. The floodplains, Tonle Sap Lake (TSL), and the Mekong Delta are the major sinks of sediments and nutrients, which are essential for aquatic ecosystems and agriculture. The Mekong-TSL is one of the world’s unique aquatic ecosystems.

Legal framework

Basic Environmental Law
Law specific to pollution control
  • Law on Water Resource Management (Outside source: FAO)
    The general purposes of the law aim to: (i) create water right through the acquirement of licences; (ii) prescribe the rights and duties of the water users; (iii) clarify the fundamental principles of water management; (iv) identify the organisations in charge of the law implementation and enforcement; and (v) regulate the participation of users and their associations in the sustainable development of water resources.

Institutional Arrangement of water

Water quality standards

Technical standards and related information

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