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Activities by NGOs and CBOs Japan

  Name of Activity Organization Area
1 Conservation Work of Rare Freshwater Fish “Pungitius sp.” and Its Habitat Environment Civilian Conservation Group for Pungitius sp. in Kumagaya City (Partnership Pungitius sp. Conservation Promotion Group) River (Motoarakawa, Kumagaya City, Saitama Pref.)
2 Project for Promotion of Rainwater Utilisation People for Rainwater Japan and Other Asian Countries
3 “Asaza Project” ~ Lake Kasumigaura Revival Project Uniting Lakes, Forests, and People e.g. Nonprofit Organization Asaza Fund, and Citizen Network for Improving Lake Kasumigaura and Lake Kitaura (B)  Lake
(C)  Basin (Kasumigaura /Kitaura Basin, Ibaraki Prefecture)
4 For Protecting the Life Sustaining
Groundwater of Miyako Island:
The Development of an Environmentally Friendly Organic Fertilizer Utilizing Phosphorus Accumulated in the Soil
Environmental Group of Environmental Engineering Course of Okinawa Prefectural Miyako Agriculture and Forestry High School Okinawa Pref.
5 Approach to Water Purification through Activities of the Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club, Hiroshima Gakuin High School The Others (Hiroshima Prefecture)
6 The Seabed Clean-Up Operation in the Yamashita Park The Sea Beautification Society Coast (Yamashita Park, Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture)
7 Approach to a social machinery to make nearby water environment closer and familiar to People
–Pursuit of ‘Close’ and ‘Familiar’ Water–
Water and Culture Study Group Lakes and Marshes (Waters of and around Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture)
8 Project for Restoration of a Reed Belt in Lake Shinjiko –Activities for water environment restoration by Various Groups– NPO The Hiikawa Basin Environmental Network Lakes and marshes (Lake Shinjiko, Shimane Prefecture)
9 Mitten Crab Cultivation and River Ecosystem Conservation NPO The Kitakami Basin Ecosystem Conservation Association River, Basin (The Kitakami River, Kawasaki Town, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture)
10 Studies and Activities of Ecosystem Restoration of Brackish Water Areas in Estuaries of a City River NPO Yokohama Waterside Environment Study Group River (Brackish Water Areas in Estuaries of a River, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
11 Cooperative Activity for Regeneration of Water City Mishima’s Waterside and Natural Environment –Challenge to Regeneration of Water City Mishima’s Old Scenery– Yusui Mishima River (Mishima city, Shizuoka prefecture)
12 River Basin Management of River Yahagi  –The River Yahagi Method– The Yahagi River Basin Water Quality Preservation Association, etc. River, Basin (River Yahagi and the Peripheral Mountains, Aichi Prefecture)

Source: Website of Japan Water Award ( (Japanese only)

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