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WEPA Action programs

A program introduced in the 3rd phase to address issues and take actions in a partner country for improving water governance

Action Program is developed by the partner country with the assistance from the WEPA Secretariat, considering the following aspects :

  • Needs of the country;
  • Feasibility;
  • Sustainability of the actions; and
  • Replicability in the other areas and countries

Practical lessons learned through this exercise will be shared with other WEPA partner countries.

Implementation Structure

Implementing agency

  • WEPA Focal Point or designated administrative agency at the local level

Support team consists of the following :

  • Experts from WEPA partner countries
  • Experts from Japan including researcher, private sector, and municipality
  • WEPA Secretariat

WEPA Secretariat supports:

  • To liaise and coordinate the country implementing the Action Program and the support; and
  • To provide funding for activities