Meeting / Workshop


The 11th Annual Meeting

26 January 2016

Presentation (26 January 2016)

Agenda 1: Progress of WEPA Activities in 2015 and Plan of WEPA Activities in 2016 and Draft of Action Program of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Progress of WEPA Activities in 2015 and Plan of WEPA Activities in 2016
Mr. Masaki Suehisa, Deputy Director, Water Environment Division, Environmental Management Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Draft Plan of Action Program
Ms. Haradas Mudiyanselage Himali Karunaweera, Assistant Director, Environmental Pollution Control, Central Environmental Authority (CEA), Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Agenda 2: Summary of the Group Workshop

Summary of the Workshop
WEPA Secretariat

Agenda 3: Wastewater Management in Livestock Raising Industry

Pig Manure Management in Asia
Mr. Tetsuo Kuyama, Manager (Water Resource Management), Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services Area, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Pig Farming Waste Management in Viet Nam
Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Huong, Researcher, Division of Information, Consultancy and Training, Environmental Science Institute (ESI), Vietnam Environment Administration, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Swine Waste Management in Thailand
Dr. Chao Nokyoo, Pollution Control Department, Director of Inland Water Division, Water Quality Management Bureau, Pollution Control Department Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Thailand
Environmental Management of Pig Excreta in Korea
Dr. Eugene Chung, Senior Researcher, Livestock Manure and Nonpoint Sources Management, Watershed & Total Load Management Research Division, Water Environment Research Department, National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER), Republic of Korea