WEPA Policy Briefs

In the second phase of WEPA, we focused on specific issues about the water environment in Asia. Based on the knowledge gained through the second phase activities, we published policy briefs regarding some of the issues: “Situation Analysis on Water Environmental Governance”, “Domestic Wastewater Treatment” and “Climate Change and Water Environment.”

The policy brief on Domestic Water Treatment includes a comparative analysis of the current situation in individual Asian countries and their advanced efforts. It focuses particularly on Thailand, Viet Nam, the Philippines and Indonesia. The sections about Thailand and Viet Nam discuss the current situations and challenges on domestic wastewater treatment in urban areas, which are typical cases in Asia. Furthermore, the policy brief shows advanced efforts to deal with domestic wastewater such as the utilisation of private companies in domestic wastewater treatment in the Philippines, and community-based sanitation in Indonesia.

WEPA Policy Briefs Series

1. Decentralised Domestic Wastewater Management in Asia – Challenges and opportunities

2. Community – Based Sanitation Lessons Learned from Sanimas Programme in Indonesia

3. On-site Management for Domestic Wastewater in Thailand

4. Privatisation of Sanitation and Sewerage Services – Lessons Learnt from the Philippines

5. Urban Domestic Wastewater Management in Vietnam – Challenges and Opportunities

6. Working for Better Water Quality – the State of Water Quality Management in Wepa Partner Countries

7. Water Environment and Climate Change – Summary from WEPA Discussions and Surveys

8. Toward the Establishment of Sustainable Faecal Sludge Management – Lessons Learned from WEPA Partner Countries and Japan –